What we're about

We are the Libertarian Party of New York's affiliate for Dutchess County. We seek registered Libertarians, aspiring Libertarians, and any liberty-minded people from this county or anywhere, who desire to minimize governmental interference in people's lives.

We will meet to advance libertarian interests within Dutchess County, surrounding jurisdictions, and anywhere threatened by statism. Most importantly, we will engage in group activities which showcase our values of voluntaryism, responsibility, respect and freedom!

Upcoming events (1)

Home Stretch Luncheon

Hungarian Reformed Church

Last days of Independent Petitioning to get our statewide candidates -- including Larry Sharpe for Governor -- on ballot. Family and friends are welcome to join us for a luncheon.

We will analyze the school board elections and make plans for upcoming activism. Open floor after party business' conclusion. No admission fee but voluntaryist donations gratefully accepted.

Past events (42)

Opportunity in April

The Village Pancake Factory

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