Dying Kingdoms October Day Game

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23 people went

Price: $20.00 /per person
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The Sauren invasion has been driven from Circadia. There is much devastation, and it's likely the “Black Scales” are not defeated for good. But for the moment there is peace, and the people can focus on rebuilding, and actually get a good night's sleep.
Except a good night's sleep is becoming a rare commodity......
A Verrakin sailor wakes suddenly from a nightmare. The Grimjaws had returned, and once more she found herself hurriedly loading people on her ship to sail clear. Except this time there was an explosion. She turned just in time to see her ship and all souls onboard consumed by flames, and in the dancing shadows cast by the sickening sight, a man in a hat chuckles....
An elf wakes from a nightmare. He was standing with his kin defending his home from an immeasurable horde of skeletons and zombie. He watched his family and friends cut down around him, unable to help because he had forgotten how to use his sword. Then a vampire grabbed him and ripped into his throat, all while a dark figure watches and gloats...
A troll wakes from a nightmare. The community she had begun so that her kind could finally gather in peace was devastated by a plague -- friends, family, and children dying in horrible pain from a disease they thought long gone. Leaning against a tree, a familiar figure smiles….
A Culberran wakes from a nightmare. His hands were covered in the blood of the victims he had ripped apart at the command of a mad fae who speaks in an odd accent....
A Skjanos farmer wakes from a nightmare. His village had been engulfed by frost, people frozen to death in the streets while Svartalfar witches called down a blizzard around them, one of whom wears a long coat...
An Ikhteni wakes from a nightmare. The Bender of Flesh had returned, wearing an unusual hat...
Children wake screaming from nightmares, but receive poor comfort from their parents. The adults mutter the usual soothing words, “It’s not real; they can't hurt you,” but their voices shake and the terror lingers, because they cannot be sure.
**Step... step... step...**
A figure walks from dream to dream, and in its wake, the Dreaming twists and turns, corrupted by the presence. It watches. It studies. It experiments. And each time it learns more of this place that its kind normally cannot visit.
And the place learns more of it too...

Hidden away on the Amber Isle, Colando gathers his gear in preparation for travel. He must hurry to join with the heroes if this opportunity is to be seized. The Collector has made a mistake. It will take courage and it will take sacrifice, but the Collector can be stopped.
But they must be swift, before the walls between reality, Dreaming, and Nightmare collapse.

PC fee is $20. Npc'ing is free.