What we're about

Hey Guys,

A dedicated group to help you get hold of whatever that you want to build in E-Commerce.

We'll be approaching E-Commerce from many different angles.

No specific style here. We could meet over coffee in a cozy cafe, run a mini workshop, invite online business owners to share their experience,...

And between all activity, focusing on helping you is most important.

If you are well determined to launch your online business - for all the obvious reasons that you may have ;) - then you will be able to save a lot of time and money trying to build stuff the hard way.

I am creating this group coming from a 7 years + of hardcore experience doing physical E-Commerce. Now managing my company Bright Link International General Trading (http://www.brightlink-int.com) and peacefully blogging at Kaboom The Web (http://www.kaboomtheweb.com)

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