Start fishing season off by helping to clean up the river first. We'll meet at 9am with bags, gloves, and garbage claws (extendable grabbers) to pick up and bag the debris that has collected along the river.

We follow that with fishing with friends on an often overlooked stretch of the Pequonnock River that teems with fish. The Pequonnock River alternately picks up speed and slows in pools and it makes it final run into Bunnells Pond in Beardsley Park and then on to the Sound. Great fishing can be had on this stretch of the Pequonnock especially this early in the season.

Sign up at Meetup to get the contact information for our leader for the day: Dave Edgeworth

If you choose later to fish Bunnells Pond (the pond at the bottom half of Beardsley Park across from the zoo) itself know that it drops off suddenly and has many hazardous underwater currents. It is prohibited to wade or swim into Bunnells Pond itself. Fishing from the shore of Bunnells Pond is allowed.