Homebrewed Games Playtest Night @ Triple Rock

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12 people went

Triple Rock Brewing

1920 Shattuck Ave · Berkeley, CA

How to find us

In the back area, just beyond the bar.

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Fall is fast approaching and our gaming group of course has been cooking up some fun homebrewed games for you to play! Im excited to announce that we'll be hosting our first ever kickstart-ing game:Rental Rumble, on Kickstarter now! Play the game at our game night, then back on Kickstarter!

From pirates, to superheros, to...quite a lot of cats, we've got games for everyone! If you came to our very first Hombrewed Game night last November or our second in March, you may remember some of these games. All have been reshaped, reskinned, and redesigned! And of course we will be offering plenty of new games as well!! Check out the game roster below!

Retro board game celebrating video rental stores and movies from the 80s and 90s. Be the first to rent, watch, and return 3 VHS movies to win. Avoid late fees and always be kind and rewind.
-Designed by Jason Furie & Josh Herbolsheimer
-Players 2-4 -Tier 1 (simple complexity)

In this silly NSFW party game, players take turns betting just how much $$$ you or your friend would take to do something...that at the very least...may make you or them uncomfortable. Maybe you don't know your friends --or yourself-- as well as you may think. The closest bet to the amount of $$$ of the person who's turn it is wins that round! Everyone has a price!
Designed by Philip Dorian. -Players 3-? -Tier 1 (simple complexity)

A quick, 5-round bidding and set-taking game where you compete each round over who gets loot, and who has to pay up to the Boss.
Designed by Kunal/Jeremy -Players 3-4 -Tier 1 (simple complexity)

Players will build a mountain by stacking tiles atop others, while earning points by matching symbols above and below each tile. With each symbol matched, they can re-shape either the mountain or the scoreboard itself.
Designer: Terry - Players: 2-4 - Tier 1 (simple complexity)

Only one can ascend to become the One True Cat Lady, the Queen of the Strays. Rise through either traditional means of hoarding enough cats, or collect enough cute points to become a modern insta star! But be careful, don't take care of your cats, and they'll rebel and look for a new owner.
Designer: Ian Norris -Players: 2-6 -Tier 1 (simple complexity)

Scattered Nexus is a game i created for comic conventions. As an indie comic creator I always wanted to have my comic characters in a game. Taking the things i liked about MTG, sentinels of the multiverse, and Smash up I made a game that is easy to learn, and fun to play!
Designer- Eli Beaird - Players 1-4 - Tier 2 (medium complexity)

A game of tactics and strategy where players assume the roles of Pirate Lords maneuvering their pirate ships through treacherous waters of the Typhoon Sea, hunting merchant fleets, and attempting to sink their fellow pirates! (At its core is a no-dice combat & hand management system)
Designer: Jeremy Stephens -Players: 2-4 -Tier 3 (complex)