ECK Roundtable Discussion, Potluck and Video of Spiritual Leader's Talk


Special Event:

Roundtable Discussion 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Topics: What Is Your Divine Dream?
Being a Shining Light in Any Situation

11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Potluck Meal

12 noon - 1:00 PM:

View Video of the Spiritual Leader of ECKANKAR, Harold Klemp, addressing attendees at the ECK Worldwide Seminar 2019. His talk is entitled, "All for Love."

Come for all or any part of this gathering of Souls who love life.
ECKANKAR - The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Come and join in lively and insightful roundtable discussions. Enjoy the camaraderie as we eat and socialize and share experiences. Then view the video of the talk of Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, entitled "All for Love."

All are welcome!


"God's love is a wonderful thing. It shows up in people we love, in the animals, birds, and other pets we have that we love. It shows up in all different ways in what we love. In case you haven't discovered it, the whole purpose in living, the whole purpose of God's plan, is so each of us -- you and you and you -- learn how to love. That's it."

Harold Klemp
How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, p. 221