What we're about


Our Ecstatic Feminine is a safe, compassionate environment to deepen our inner wisdom, body love, personal empowerment and Feminine Divinity.

Here we will strengthen community, share wisdom, and life changing events, classes, workshops, Red Tents, and parties. We are committed to combining fun, with depthful inquiry, and laughter with sacred space for all our emotions.

Together we will awaken a new clarity of purpose, passion for living, and celebration of our authenticity. Guided by Jenna Tasker, the Rainbow Goddess, this is a community meet up that is open to your events that are on topic.


Our Red Tents are monthly gatherings close to the New Moon. These Red Tents are based on the ancient practice of gathering together to connect to Source, intuition, and self during our blood moon times. They are open to all women who have and menses, and those that are post menses. We honor that we all have a cycle that aligns to the Moon throughout our lives.

Ecstatic Feminine Weekends invites in expert teachers, healers, and Sage Women throughout the world to present, and guide. Our first Ecstatic Feminine Weekend is May 21 & 22nd with San Francisco Shaman & Clinical Sexologist Francesca Gentille, Michigan Area Healers & Guidesses Jenna Tasker, and Mel Betts.

International Femme Vital Retreats where we travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, indulging our senses, while reclaiming and revitalizing the fabulousness of being Female. Other women’s classes focused around essential oils, healthy living, energy and breathwork and sacred sexuality all coming soon!

DATING OR IN A PARTNERSHIP? If you are interested in events for singles, or couples you may also enjoy becoming a member of SENSUAL WHOLENESS Meetup.

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