Data Security - Everyone likes a parfait!

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This month we will be having a repeat presentation from last SQL Saturday.

When you have a data breach, it is not just the network guys who catch the heat. Know your security, know your layers, and use the tools you have in the Microsoft environment. Exercise your authority as a data expert and enact the architecture to keep your warehouse secure! A discussion of the SQL Security architecture, the tools and how to build layers to ensure your warehouse is secure, and keep your data safely embedded in layer five, where it belongs.

About the Speaker:
Originally a statistical process control specialist, the lure of working with data could not keep Christopher away for long. From planning logistics operations as an officer in the military, or building up end to end business intelligence solutions in higher education or just building up data mining algorithms on his data lab at home, Christopher can only be described as a avid enthusiast of the data platform. He can be reached through his ongoing blog at and is always open to discussing new ideas and methods to improve.