Preparing to present for the first time


***Update: The date has been changed to January 30th due to the current extreme cold weather advisory***

Is one of your new year resolutions to grow your career/skills? Have you ever wanted to try presenting but not sure where to get started (or just need the motivation to make that leap)? Presenting can be an awarding experience, it will help grow your technical skills and help increase your confidence as a technology professional - as well provides an opportunity to give back and grow our local tech community.

To kick off 2020, EDMPASS will be hosting an open discussion on how to present and what you need to do to prepare for a presentation. Whether looking to present at a local user group or at a larger event like SQL Saturday the EDMPASS organizing members will discuss their experiences and perspective on preparing for and giving a presentation. Whether you have given a presentation before or are just thinking about giving it a try - come join the discussion and help build our local community of speakers.