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EFT-Tapping Into Wholeness is a Meetup group where group sessions & workshops will be shared for those who wish to come into alignment with their Inner Truth and Wholeness. You will be learning these simple and easy to use techniques from an expert in the field, Rowena McKee. Rowena has work in the field for over 9 years and has helped many clients to create a life they wish to live and thrive within. She has simplified the process of EFT, making it less complicated, but still just as effective. She is an expert at finding the core from which emotions and issues spring from and gently addressing the core, whether that be from childhood, some trauma in life, or a relationship.

In the different classes and group sessions we will be covering different life areas that can be successfully balanced through the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Some of areas included will be: Inner Child/Childhood Wounding, Relationships, Job/Career, Self-Worth & Acceptance, Feelings of Failure and Self-Sabotage.

We will learn how to release stuck emotions, trauma and stress that shows itself in the form of frustration, anxiety, PTSD, anger, irritation, depression, expectations, grief or loss. We will also learn other tips and tools that combine well with EFT.

EFT/Tapping (Acupressure for the emotions) is a gentle, simple and easy way to release emotional imprints stored in the body's cellular memory, nervous system and the subconscious. These imprints show up as PTSD, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration, Trauma and Painful Memories. EFT is profound in helping to release uncomfortable emotions, programs and limiting beliefs, allowing us to more easily accept and love ourselves. Once these imprints are neutralized the body and mind naturally re-calibrates to a state of wholeness, creating space which allows one to make the positive changes desired.

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