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New Weeknight opportunity for you to 'tap' on personal stressful circumstances and difficult emotions in a small support group setting. Group tapping increases the potential for deeper healing via of the phenomenon known as "borrowing benefits." these benefits may seem subtle although profound shifts can be realized when catalyzed by the tapping process.
EFT has helped millions overcome many kinds of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems and has gained worldwide recognition as a safe and effective process that anyone can learn to help themselves and others.
Attendance is limited to a small group. Requested donation is $20. All adults are welcome who are emotionally self sufficient and over 18. EFT may not be in the best interest of those with a mental health diagnosis. While EFT works by correcting disturbances in one's energy field caused by trauma or stress, this is not a trauma focused group. However, emotionally charged events will arise and each person attending acknowledges and agrees to take complete responsibility for their own emotional and mental well being.
Registration is required by 6 pm, 24 hours before the group. If you register and do not come you will be charged for your seat.
go to http://www.eftuniverse.-com/limiting-beliefs/reaching-your-full-potential-with-eft-tapping-video for a brief instruction guide.
This group will begin on 1/9 from 7-8:30 pm and will be at Troy Wellness 62 North Main Street, Suite A, Lambertville, NJ 08530. Parking is off street and metered. Cross streets are free.

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