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Sponsored by TAPPING WORKS, a non-profit organization committed to removing financial obstacles to high quality training, workshops, resources and more.

This group offers clinical, researched and evidence-based EFT Tapping activities and events. All of our offerings are appropriate for clinicians, however, anyone is welcome to attend. Come learn about EFT Tapping, observe demonstrations, practice as a group, in pairs, on your own and more.

All trainings and events offer you clinically appropriate EFT Tapping skills. Live events (online and in-person) are intended to meet the needs of individual attendees, answer questions, provide individual feedback and to ensure that you leave with that you need to use EFT Tapping safely, effectively and ethically.

1) Regardless of the event you attend, you agree to be responsible for your own well-being, and your own emotional safety and needs. Trainings and Workshops will always have Emotional Assistants available.

2) Regardless of the event you attend, you agree to confidentiality, privacy and emotional safety for all members. Once outside of group, you agree to not share anyone's name or 'story' - people's stories are frequently recognizable to others, even with very few details.

3) Every effort is made to keep events at a level of processing that is safe, simple, general and for instructional purposes only. Training and education events are not designed for individual issues processing or resolution.

TAPPING WORKS UPCOMING EVENTS (https://www.tappingworks.org/eft-training-workshops)

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EFT Tapping Levels 1 & 2 - OCTOBER 2020 DATES

Online event

EFT Tapping Training 1 & 2

The Summit Wellness Group - Roswell, Georgia Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

Introduction to EFT Tapping

Atlanta Center For Wellness


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