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We are proud to invite you and your colleagues interested in the latest in cloud computing, blockchain, AI and machine learning, IoT, cybersecurity and other Digital Tech (Infrastructure) trends to the Budapest Co-Location Centre of EIT Digital Hungary for the Digital Tech Network Event on March 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For corporate representatives, many of Europe’s best startup founders, young entrepreneurs, scale-up CTOs, university researchers and engineers will be presenting their digital solutions ready to disrupt entire industries. For entrepreneurs, some of the largest CEE corporations will shed some light on their expectations, plans, perceived threats, challenges and needs in digital transformation – feedback worth more than gold for the business growth oriented innovator.

For more information and the link to register, please go to https://www.eitdigital.eu/newsroom/events/article/mapping-tech-needs-and-digital-solutions-budapest/

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