What we're about

This is a group event that myself and my dear friend Whitney Ullom will be hosting.


Come join us at Black Dog Yoga on May 12 to be empowered in your body and your sexuality.

We are Women. We are the Oracles. The Maidens. The Mothers. The Crones. The Medicine Women. We embody MahaDevi (The Great Goddess) and all of her facets, expressing and birthing our sensuality, life, creativity, new ideas, anger & so much more.

ALL of it is you. ALL parts of you want to open up and express within your Sexual Power.

A little bit of what to expect...

A flowy, juicy Yoga practice including Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, & calling in some of the Goddesses to help you wake up, embrace, and FEEL the pelvic floor and sexual center in your Temple body.
Tantric practices to ground you in the present moment and activate the aliveness that lives inside your sexual center.
Sacred dance & embodiment practices to clear out limiting beliefs and old conditioning that keep us separate from our sexual power.
Breathwork to open up and say yes to sexual empowerment.

Whitney and I are honored and committed to create a safe, sacred circle of Sisterhood with you to explore and embrace your wild, sensual, sexy Self.

TO RSVP! Either follow the payment instructions here on meetup through "wepay",


Please visit either my website or Whitney's website to RSVP your spot.



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