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D&D Encounters: Against the Cult of Chaos

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An ancient evil stirs in the Caves of Chaos, chipping away at its prison, while the forces of chaos converge on the nearby town of Hommel Lane. Monstrous raiders, marauding bandits, and missing villagers portend a terrible fate for Hommel Lane, and the world, if unchallenged.

This D&D Encounters season takes inspiration from classics such as Village of Hommlet and Against the Cult of the Reptile God.

Against the Cult of Chaos is a Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game adventure designed for the D&D Encounters official play program. This season presents you with the opportunity to play out the elements of the story in a sequence that you and your players determine. In this sort of arrangement, the adventurers have more control over their choices during the season, and you have more freedom in tailoring Against the Cult of Chaos to maximize the fun. The season takes characters from levels 1-3.

Note: Character Backgrounds: Woven into the plot of Against the Cult of Chaos is an ongoing tension between two religions: the Lawbringer and the Old Faith. The Lawbringer represents justice, law, battle, commerce, strength, civilization, and order. The Old Faith represents nature, balance, magic, the primal energies, luck, fate, and the wildness of life. During character creation, the player should make the choice of which religion his or her character is aligned with. (Most primal characters belong to the Old Faith.) A player can decide that his or her character follows neither, but doing so might detract from the fun of interacting with the NPCs in the season.