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D&D Encounters: War of Everlasting Darkness

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D&D Encounters: War of Everlasting Darkness

The latest season of D&D Encounters starts up later this month, with Session 0 (for character creation) taking place October 24th. This season is something new for the D&D Encounters program. War of Everlasting Darkness is an exciting mini-campaign—and an opportunity to playtest elements of the next edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules.

The most important element of the new rules that we have tried to implement in this season of D&D Encounters is the idea that you should be able to do more in an hour and a half of play than complete a single combat encounter. As a result, this adventure looks significantly different from previous D&D Encounters adventures.

Rather than a string of encounters, one per week, that form a linear adventure, this booklet presents a series of short adventures incorporating elements of exploration, interaction, and combat in roughly equal measure.

All the adventures offer much more flexibility than the linear adventures of the past, and each is designed to be played in a single session. Taken together, the adventures tell the story of the War of Everlasting Darkness—the conclusion to the Rise of the Underdark story that has played out throughout the year.

After character creation, Session 1 of War of Everlasting Darkness takes place on October 31st. For reasons of his or her own, each character has traveled to Quaervarr, a village on the southwestern edge of the Glimmerwood. The adventure begins with the characters in the Whistling Stag Inn in Quaervarr:

Near the end of spring, your travels bring you to Quaervarr, a pleasant logging village just inside the vast Glimmerwood. At the gate of the walled palisade that surrounds the village, a pair of militia guards leaning on spears asked you a few cursory questions about your business, then pointed you to the inn, a luxurious place called the Whistling Stag.

Half hunting lodge and half sumptuous mansion, the Whistling Stag offers heated baths, down pillows, warm blankets, and lovely views of the verdant forest outside. All this is complemented by bearskin carpets, stag heads on the wall, and a lush tapestry depicting elves on a boar hunt.

The common room is busy this evening, with at least a dozen locals crowding around the bar. The conversation concerns a ghostly apparition that has been passing through the village every night of late. The villagers seem spooked, but an older patron with silvered hair and the look of a former adventurer about him is trying to reassure them . . .

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