#EOSFORDEVS - EOS Gathering for Blockchain Developers

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EOS Israel
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AEAI - Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel

Dizengoff 200, Tel Aviv-Yafo · Tel Aviv-Yafo

How to find us

We are on the TOP floor of the Bet Ha-Meandes, you can enter through Dizengoff 200 and if you need parking, well good luck! Welcome to Tel Aviv! Just Kidding! Contact Hernan and maybe he can get you a parking spot.

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Closing the Blockchain Week in Tel Aviv with a golden ribbon, EOS Israel is calling upon ALL Blockchain Developers and Entrepreneurs to join us for a classic EOS Gathering full of cool people, interesting topics, and tasty Pizza and Beer!


We are close to celebrating the Jewish New Year and what a better occasion to gather and meet some Cool EOS Community members.

We have some of the most interesting people in the EOS community to attend our meeting, either Live or through Live-Stream, to present us with some exciting insights on the EOS ecosystem and the extremely fast-paced developments that we are experiencing.

First and foremost: One of the brightest minds of our community, leading the technology behind one of the leading Block Producers: Liquid EOS, and now the groundbreaking project: LiquidApps. the One and Only: Tal Muskal! He will be opening the meeting with some key insights on his vision for scaling the blockchain space, how LiquidApps came to be and how he envisions this space for the upcoming future...

We are also honored to have an avid entrepreneur and head of one of the leading Stablecoins not only on EOS but on the whole Stablecoin universe: CEO of Equilibrium (EOSDT): Alex Melikhov

A great friend of our community, founder of EOS Bulgaria and CEO of InfiniteX Labs, a top-notch development company for both EOS and Ethereum projects: Dimo will tell us about his experience developing in Ethereum and EOS and what are the main differences he's noticed.

We are leaving the BP Spotlight as a Surprise for this event... Stay Tuned...

So on our menu for this event:

18:30 - 19:30 - Gathering, Mingling, Beers, Snacks, and a New Year Toast.

19:00 - 19:20 - Tal Muskal @ LiquidApps - Keynote - Scaling Blockchain

19:20 - 19:40 - Alex @ Equilibrium - StableCoins and Governance

19:40 - 20:00 - Dimo @ InfiniteX Labs - Developing on EOS and Ethereum.

20:00 - 20:30 - *Surprise BP Spotlight *

Come early so you can have a chat and a New Year Toast, and stay until the END so you can get some cool EOS Swag :-)

See you there on Thursday, 18:30 at the Bet Ha Mehandes :-)

Hernan @ EOS Israel