EOS SisterChains Special - Beers & Blockchain Gathering.


Hello Fellow EOSIANS :-)

We are meeting for the 1st TIME in 2019! this time to celebrate a truly unique phenomenon of the EOS Ecosystem: EOS SISTERCHAINS.

Take a look at the Bitcoin Fork-War: Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Diamond, Platinum (Just made that one up)... could that get any messier? Also, The Ethereum Classic (ETC) HODLers are not too in love with Ethereum (ETH) or the fact of missing out on it. In fact, most forks of well-known blockchains are generally met with huge resistance by the original community.

Now, EOS is quite a unique phenomenon in the Blockchain space, and EMBRACING the EOS Forks, observing how differences on their chains can be implemented back into EOS, and appreciating their Particular Use-Cases, is something truly special, and the theme of our SISTERCHAIN Special Celebration!

We Introduce for the First time in EOS Israel:

- Domenic Thomas - CEO @ Worbli
- Douglas Horn - Author & Architect @ Telos
- JC Zhang - Operations Manager @ EOS Force

We Also have an Amazing visitor joining us LIVE in Israel (Yes guys, we've become THAT Popular). On Our Featured Dapp Spot:

Fred @ PixEOS

And Last but certainly not Least, on our BP Spotlight:

Ross Dold @ EOSphere

I Could go ON and ON about each one of our guests, but I'll let them do it themselves LIVE on the Event. (And save you guys from a very long read...)

As you can see, we have a LOT OF COOL Stuff to Learn and Discuss during the Meetup, so there will be little time for each presenter, please be very aware of the Time Schedule:

19:30 - Meetup begins, Beers and Stuff...
19:50 - Introduction (Hernan)
20:00 - Douglas @ Telos
20:20 - JC - EOS Force
20:40 - Fred @ PixEOS
21:00 - Domenic @ Worbli
21:20 - Ross @ EOSphere
21:40 - End of Meetup

We will execute the schedule Japanese-style this time, so DON'T Be LATE!

We meet at our Hosts Headquarters:
the BEIT HA'MEANDES (The Israeli Engineers Asociation @ Dizengoff)

Come prepared to open your minds about new and different ideas and platforms that the EOSIO Software has enabled, and get ready to learn about new Exciting projects like PixEOS, or the promising roadmap of leading Block Producers such as EOSphere.

Super-Excited about this Meetup! See you THERE :-)

PS: Don't forget to invite people to the meetup even if they know nothing about Crypto, you will be making them a HUGE Favor to get them into blockchain.