The DAPP Side of the Blockchain - Get your DAPP Funded!

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Traffic Lords LTD

Zeev Jabotinsky St 2 · Ramat Gan

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Traffic Lords Space. Atrium Building, 24th Floor. Jabotinsky #2, Ramat Gan

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Our new Series "The DAPP Side of the Blockchain" is All about DAPPS and The Business side of Developing a Blockchain Project.

It's no secret that running a Start-Up is challenging, and getting fuel (funds) for launching a successful project is a big part of that challenge.

It's also well Known that has committed $1,000,000,000 to the development of the EOS Ecosystem and to investing in EOS-based projects through EOS VC:

We will be Discussing EOS, DAPP Development, and specifically:
"How to get your DAPP Funded?"

We have an amazing roster for the evening!

- Raman @ BlockStart and Investing with a Difference, who will be telling us about an exciting new Blockchain Incubator.

- Idan @ Upland, who will be telling us all about Upland and how they got successfully funded by Finlab (EOS VC).

and on our prestigious BP SPOTLIGHT:

- Roman @ CryptoLions: Roman will tell us all about CryptoLions and the implications of running a Block Producer as a business.

-I'll prepare a short presentation on how to get your DAPP Funded through EOS VC and other investor gateways.

On the Menu for the Event:

19:30 - Gathering, Pizzas & Beers

20:00 - Hernan Arber - Get your DAPP Funded!

20:20 - Raman @ Blockstart

20:40 - Idan @ Upland

21:00 - Roman @ CryptoLions

We will be meeting at our Amazing Hosts: Traffic Lords Space.

We are always thankful to our Sponsors @ LiquidEOS & LiquidAPPS for providing food and drinks for the event and making it possible :-)

Come early to meet the people and to get some Pizza while it's still HOT!

See you there...

Hernan @ EOS Israel


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