Java Talk by EPAM, Krakow

EPAM TechTalks Krakow
EPAM TechTalks Krakow
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As EPAM we want to share the knowledge and engage more with Java developers, give back, learn, and through that grow. For the second time this year, we will talk about Java!

Special for you, our speakers: Paweł and Edson will share their experience. Pawel has a great presentation about new features in Java 9-13 you didn’t realize are there! Also, if you are interested in the Law of Demeter: A principle of least knowledge, you will certainly come and listen to Edson's presentation.

With that done we invite everyone for networking and pizza.

WHERE: EPAM Office, O3 Business Campus, Opolska 114, Krakow
WHEN: 6.00PM, February 20

6.00PM – Registration
6.10PM –“Java 9-13: Better, faster, stronger”– Pawel Salawa
7.00PM – Pizza Break
7.20PM – “Law of Demeter: A principle of least knowledge” – Edson Prestes

6:10PM – “Java 9-13: Better, faster, stronger” – Pawel Salawa
We will cover the new features of modern Java. Only the juicy stuff, explained in a simple way. Are you hesitating to switch to a new Java? I’ll explain why you should not. Is your boss hesitating? I’ll give you the tools to convince him. Taste it, embrace it and you will never look back at Java 8.

7:20PM – “Law of Demeter: A principle of least knowledge” – Edson Prestes
As a developer, are you using OOP in your mind? Are you looking for a better coding style? Have you started to think about Clean Code? Lots of questions come when you work coding objects in your projects. Let’s discuss, learn, and see behind the scene about a law that even outlaws are unaware of.

The participation is FREE of charge.
See you at the event!