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What if your credit score DIDN'T matter?

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Are you stuck under a pile of credit card debt?

Do you have excellent credit and are looking for the best way to utilize and maintain it?

What if your credit score didn't matter? What if it didn't really even EXIST?

This workshop will take an extensive look at the current state of personal credit and the evolution of the credit industry.

We will discuss different scoring models and how new laws and regulations will affect your credit in the coming year.

You will learn:
- Why you can never truly know your "credit score."

- How certain actions could significantly impact your credit profile.

- Why sometimes the best credit decision may not be the best financial decision.

- Detailed strategies how to manage your credit more effectively and how to make the best credit choices possible.

If you want to make a difference in what's in your wallet, do NOT miss this event!

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