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Lightroom Training (Session 2)


EPyC is pleased to announce the launch of our first training course on photo editing. We will have three sessions on Lightroom and three more on digital blending, using Photoshop. The training will be hosted by Ashraf Jandali, who many of you may already know from our biweekly events and photowalks.

Training will cost AED 300 for all six sessions. If you wish to sign up only for three lessons on Lightroom or three lessons on Photoshop, that will be AED 200. In either case, you will need to sign up and pay by the biweekly meetup before the training starts. Each session is limited to 20 attendees.

We strongly recommend that you bring along a laptop with Lightroom 4 installed in order to derive the maximum benefit from our training sessions. You may wish to look for free trial versions of this software if you cannot afford to buy it.

Please RSVP for the sessions you plan to attend. To avoid no shows, we are automatically putting everyone on a waitlist. Once you hand over the training fees to an organizer at an EPYC event (e.g. our biweekly meetups), we will change your status on the site from waitlisted to attending.



Topics covered in this session:

III. Develop Module
Module layout
Introduction to the histogram
Fixing tools: crop, spot removal, red eye
Basics panel
Targeted adjustments with the tone curve and HSL/color/grayscale
Local adjustments: adjustment brush and graduated filter
Detail panel in brief
Fixing vignetting

Venue information:

Our training venue is The Change Initiative building in Al Barsha. Coming by metro? This video ( will show you how to head over to the venue from the Sharaf DG station. Traveling from the direction of Internet City? Watch this video ( (You can skip ahead 1:20 if you are coming down Sheikh Zayed Road from the direction of Jebel Ali/Abu Dhabi.) Heading down SZR from Dubai? Watch this video ( if you don't mind paying for Salik, and this one ( if you want to avoid the toll.

We strongly suggest you scout out the location beforehand if you are unsure about finding it. If you need help, call the EPyC hotline (052 9288432), but please note that the event starts at 7 PM sharp, and we may not be able to answer calls after that time.