Past Meetup

This meetup is better than watching grass grow!


***Please read the detailed description below; the time and itinerary might change***

For this meetup, we will visit a particularly diverse location for photography: a plant nursery. Here, you will be able to shoot portraits, landscapes, macros, birds, and people at work, so clean you lenses, charge your batteries, and pack your gear because it's going to be a busy busy day for shooting. Dubai TV will be covering this meetup, so don't forget to wear your EPyC T-shirt!

We will assemble at the Eppco station on Al Awir Road (E44 Near Dragon Mart) at 6 AM on Saturday April 26, and start driving to our destination at exactly 6:30 AM. Please arrive at the meetup point on time, as we won't be able to wait for you if you are late, and it may be difficult to find us if we leave without you.

If you can offer a ride, or if you need a lift, mention in the comments where you are, so you can coordinate with other members. Need help finding the meetup point on the day? Call the EPyC hotline: 052 9288432.

What can you photograph?

• Outdoor portraits

• Macros

• Landscape

• People at work

• Birds

What should you bring?

• Depends on that are you planning to shoot

• A hat and sunscreen (since this photowalk will be right after sunrise)

• a bottle of water to keep you hydrated

What can you expect?

• Dubai TV to be following you with their camera

Want to talk to your host directly?

• Mobile: 050-2933771

• Email:

• Or just post a question in the comments section below

When you are finished, upload only your best work here to be critiqued; post different sorts of images, if possible, to make your work interesting to others. We strongly encourage each of you to critique other people's work by first telling us what you like about it, and then what you think could be improved. Remember, critiques are meant to help us improve our skills, so don't take any criticisms personally.


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