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Photo Basic with C. "Shutter Speed" (Max 20)

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Photo Basic is a work in progress. Lessons learned each time. . .

Generally, it is a 100% hands-on workshop to learn the controls of your camera for people new to photography.

I am not a professional, and I don't know a great deal of advanced photography, so bear that in mind. I simply know the basic functions of a camera, and I'm happy to sit with you and help you learn how to adjust your settings and how those adjustments change the final images.

To show this takes a presentation with cables, powerpoint, etc. This basic meetup is not about showing, it's about doing. If it works, you will get some idea of what you are changing with your settings, and you will take a series of pictures.

Most of the learning will take place when you get home and look at those images on your computer. Only then will you be able to look and see how those adjustments changed the photo.

My tentative plan at present is to rotate through the following topics:
1) "Correct" exposure (exposure compensation and dynamic range of sensors--i.e., "how digital cameras work")
2) Apperture
3) Shutter speed
4) ISO (setting your sensor's light sensitivity)
5) Focal length
6) Perspective

Then these topics will repeat.

This week, the topic is Shutter Speed.

I'll briefly explain:
1) What is shutter speed
2) How shutter speed is displayed on the camera
3) Shutter priority mode
4) General conditions to use fast or slow shutter speeds
5) Shutter speed for creative effect.

What you'll leave with:
-A memory card of images you have taken at various shutter speeds, so that you can review them and see how shutter speed has affected the image.

What you need to bring:
1) Any camera with adjustable settings, preferably with a "Shutter Priority" setting (google search your camera model operator manual, then do a keyword search for "Shutter Speed" and you should find if your camera can do this. All SLR cameras and many Point-and-shoot cameras can do this. Good photography is not about expensive equipment!)

2) A tripod (optional): any cheap tripod will do, or a mini-pod. You can spend 30 AED or 3000 AED, or you can set your camera on a table and prop it up with a rolled up newspaper--expensive gear does not make photographs better, it just makes taking good photographs easier!)

Lessons learned from last time: I will be posting a set of example photos prior to this meetup for you to look through.

Cost: FREE
-The bi-weekly meetup will follow this meetup at the same location. The bi-weekly meetup has a 10AED fee to support the photo contests. If you're new, your first bi-weekly is free. Otherwise, if you plan to stay for the 7pm meetup, bring 10AED.


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