Christian Gordon: "Impact Philanthropy in the 21st Century" Host: Jody Heyman

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Christian Gordon is Assistant Dean of Development at UC Berkeley. As ERT members found out when he came to ERT as a guest (not speaker) last December, he knows things about today's universities that are both surprising and intriguing.

The full title of his talk is "Impact Philanthropy in the 21st Century - Public Higher Education and the Laws of Unintended Consequences." He will speak about UC Berkeley's role in addressing critical issues of the day and teh changing nature of its relationships to stakeholders. He will describe its strategic planning process, five strategic initiatives currently being undertaken, and ways alumni and donors impact interdisciplinary approaches to research questions.

In 2001 Christian moved from working in the private sector to higher education. he joined UC Berkeley in 2015 to help empower one of the top drivers of social mobility in the world. You will enjoy his take on what he has found to be the strengths and challenges of the institution