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Free Guided Meditation - Stress Reduction

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Every Thursday evening, Dan Jankovich will guide you through meditations and mindfulness to reduce your stress and experience the profound feeling of inner peace and calmness within your own mind. You can develop mindfulness, concentration, focus and love.

BRING: Meditation cushion, pillow, mat, or blanket to sit on. Chairs are also available.

Group guided meditations are very powerful, energizing and of great benefit for all. Some of the amazing benefits are:

• Gaining Inner Peace – dispelling all those negative thoughts and negative energy can cleanse your mind.

• Increase Self-Awareness – clarifying your thoughts and allowing you to focus on your inner desires.

• Becoming Grounded and Calmer – you begin to realize what effect every day life plays on the consciousness and you learn to be more observant and more level headed.

• Inspiration – when you are working on new ideas or problems, meditating can help unlock the solution. Meditating on times tables, for example, can help them stay in your memory.

• Insomnia – one of the causes of insomnia is the constant stimulation of the brain which is such an issue in today’s society. Winding down becomes harder at the end of the day, but meditation can improve the quality of sleep and help sort out the daily mental clutter.

• Intuition – it is possible to develop an increased sixth sense and become more intuitive as the result of meditation.

• Happiness – inner happiness is a peace that comes from knowing that you are following your own path and are confident in your choices knowing they are best for you. If your heart is happy you can be a positive influence on others and become someone other people will want to be around.

There will usually be three meditation sessions of 15-20 minutes in length from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and the last 30 minutes are for discussion, Q&A etc.

Happy Meditating!


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