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Free One-on-One Past Life Exploration Session for International ESL Students

Past Life Discovery was popularized by Dr. Brian Weiss, a prominent Psychiatrist in the United States. It is a process of learning how events from another time are interconnected to your present life situation.

Who is this Event for:

• Are you an international ESL student?

• 18 to 30 years old?

• Free of daily medications?

• Curious to explore your Past Life?

Past Life Regression helps to eliminate and let go of obstacles that are blocking the growth of an individual, whether it is through relationships, career, phobias.

Ask yourself these questions to find out your possible past-life connections:

• Do you have a life-long fascination with a particular location, culture or period in history?

• Do you have a strong emotional bond to a friend or family member that cannot be explained?

• Do you have any persistent health issues that your doctor is unable to find a cause?

• Do you suffer from a phobia, fears or anxiety and do not know the origin?

• Are you “wise beyond your years” or have you ever been called an “old soul?”

• Do you have frequent de-ja-vu feelings, recurrent dreams and remember a time as someone else?

Dan's Testimonials:

What is Past Life Regression (


For Full Time & International ESL Students this one-on-one event is absolutely FREE !

If you are not student, I'll charge you $30/per 30 min.


You should Send me an Email with

• your preferably Cel Phone number (If you feel uncomfortable emailing it, you could text me your name to my cel 647-857-6595 or call me any time),

• What do you want to accomplish?

• You should send me answers to previous questions.

Please Note:

YOUR RSVP DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SPOT - ONLY TEXTING YOUR MEETUP NAME TO MY CELL 647-857-6595 DOES and I'll book your appointment and tell you time when I'm going to see you.

Also to find out room number if you arrive late (max 15 min) or if you can't find us, please take down my cell phone number 647-857-6595 and call or text me.


I'll use 6 different modalities.

Dan Jankovich, BSc, CHt,
Stress Expert & Emotional Healer,
Regressionist, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
Organizer of the biggest Meditation Meetup group in Toronto

About Facilitator:

Dan Jankovich is a Stress Expert & Emotional Healer, personal coach and meditation teacher. He specializes in helping others to raise their capabilities, and, to live more creatively.

More About Dan

His work has helped hundreds, both in his private practice and through workshops and seminars.

For over 10 years Dan Jankovich has researched and worked in the field of life coaching, Meditation Techniques, Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki & Energy Healing, Past Life Discovery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Belgrade University in former Yugoslavia. He worked in Canada as an Electrical Engineer, Computer Programmer & Teacher.


Carrot Common Office (Danforth & Chester) (

320 Danforth Ave, 2nd Floor, M4K 2Z1, Toronto

Direction from Yonge & Bloor intersection: Chester subway, 4 stops east of Yonge on the Bloor line.

Entrance is on the right side of Timothy's Cafe:

We look forward to seeing you!


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