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Hot Tubs and Relaxation III: Let's return...sooooo relaxing...:)

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Vienna Metro/Fairfax-GMU Metro Station

2900 Nutley St. · Fairfax, VA

How to find us

We'll meet INSIDE the station, at the place right after you exit with your farecard (not far from the walkway)...



Hi, guys!!!

We had such a relaxing time at Spa World, that members who were there are asking me to post it again...:) I am GAME!!!! It DOES involve nudity (taking off all clothes) as you will be nude in the single-sexed part, ONLY. THere are jacuzzis, saunas, and more...aaaaaaaaah...:) There is a "non-nude" co-ed part (for guys and girls together) as well, where you will have a uniform and relax in clay beads, a steam room, etc. There's even an ice room. :) At the co-ed part, the girls and guys can meet TOGETHER, and ALSO we can meet for YUMMY food. :) *****NOTE: If you don't want to go to the nude part, you can STILL go as there were some who did that last year...They stayed in the Coed part, with the uniform on, and relaxed in the clay balls, ice room, tatami mats, and more. :) Then, they joined us for food. THE JACUZZI, POOL, & cold plunge, IS IN THE NUDE PART.*****

HERE'S the web of it:

We are meeting at 1:45 PM on SUNDAY, at the Vienna Metro.

FOR THE PRICE: It's $20 if you buy groceries at HMart (you would do that on another day). It's $40 if you do both the hot springs, AND the coed poultice room, and it's $30 if you don't do the Poutlice room. We will ALSO be eating there, so please bring money for food...Not a bad price for a spa, where you can stay for as long as you want.. :)

See you soon!!