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Hello, Community

It is time again for another of our monthly meetups around Western Australia.

Economic Development
Policymakers often report that small business is the employment engine of the economy.

New and emerging companies are the primary sources of job creation. Not only that, but these firms also contribute to economic dynamism and community empowerment by injecting competition into markets and spurring local innovation.

Community Development
Fostering an environment where people connect through common interests and work together to overcome challenges is a major factor in developing general wellbeing and good governance within a community.

Good governance guides are an essential part of every Local Government Authority and are an integral part of the policy framework within which local authorities work and deliver services to the communities that they represent and serve.

The agenda for our meetup is simple:

Connect too likeminded people within your Local Government Authority (Council) and help your community ideas and projects to grow.

This is a relaxed networking event for people with ideas, seeking community validation.

Each participant has a chance to network, introducing themselves and their ideas to the other attendees.

Look forward to seeing you there......

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