• ETHLend & ELSA Helsinki: Blockchain @ Law


    ETHLend & ELSA Helsinki are organizing in cooperation a blockchain and law related evening. ETHLend is focused on building financial applications using blockchain technology. ETHLend was one of the first Finnish blockchain projects that managed to do a successful ICO (digital crowdfunding campaign). ETHLend platform is a decentralised financial marketplace for digital asset-backed loans using Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Cryptocurrency investors can unlock the liquidity from their digital assets to spend or invest without selling. ELSA, the European Law Students’ Association is the world’s largest law students’ organisation. ELSA has over[masked] members all over Europe in 43 countries and 375 faculties. ELSA provides law students and young professionals with various academic and professional activities. ELSA Helsinki is the largest ELSA local group in Finland with members from University of Helsinki (including the Vaasa branch) and University of Tallinn Helsinki campus in addition to ELSA local groups in Turku, Rovaniemi and Joensuu. The evening agenda will comprise of a keynote speech by ETHLend. Our origin story and journey so far, what is happening next and how blockchain technology is shaping lending and banking industries. There will also be a panel discussion focusing on the legal challenges and uncertainty surrounding this new market. We have managed to get an incredible panel of experts in the topic of blockchain and law. - Pekka Kaipio, OP Bank, Solution Architect - Tero Määttä, Verohallinto (Tax Authority), leading tax expert The Head of Konsensus - Finnish Blockchain Association, Niko Laamanen will also join us to give a short introduction to the local environment and how blockchain technology is being driven forward in Finland. Agenda for the evening: 18.00 Welcome speech 18.15 Panel discussion: Pekka Kaipio (OP Bank), Tero Määttä (Tax Authority), Stani Kulechov, moderated by Niko Laamanen 19.00 ETHLend keynote - Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO 19.45 Konsensus Ry - Niko Laamanen 20.00 ELSA 20.15 Networking 21.00 After Party @Jackie Bar. There will be some pizza and beer served. Networking and open discussion to be continued.

  • Meet the ETHLend team to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency @ Lugano

    Il Fermento Birrificio Urbani

    ETHLend is organizing a get-together in Lugano to discuss and learn about development of blockchain technology in Switzerland. Join us for an educational evening filled with discussion about all topics related to the blockchain space. Also get the latest updates on ETHLend and learn more about Digital Asset-backed Lending. Date: Wednesday, September 17th Venue: Il Fermento, Via Marconi 2 - Palazzi Gargantini, 6900 Lugano. See you there!

  • Meet the ETHLend team to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency @ Chiasso

    ETHLend is organizing a get-together in Chiasso, Switzerland to discuss and learn about development of blockchain technology in Switzerland. Join us for an educational evening filled with discussion about all topics related to the blockchain space. Also get the latest updates on ETHLend and learn more about Digital Asset-backed Lending. Date: Wednesday, September 10th Venue: Restaurant Faloppia, Viale A. Volta 2, 6830 Chiasso. See you there!

  • ETHLend 1st Year Mainnet Anniversary Get-Together at NYC Blockchain Week

    ETHLend get-togethe at Former Bank From Early 1900s

    ETHLend will be participating in New York blockchain week during May, with a bigger crew then ever. Our Founder & CEO Stani, COO Jordan, CMO Nolvia, blockchain architect Jitendra and growth manager Martin are all going to be there. This is why we're going to organize a local MeetUp for our community members and anyone interested in the overall topic. ETHLend has an important announcement to make and we will share it during our live session, so stay tuned! Save the date: Saturday, May 12th Address: 896 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221 Our venue is a former bank from early 1900s. Originally built to house the Bankers Trust Company, the Brooklyn Bank venue is a newly renovated event space that features exposed bricks, high ceilings, furnished lofts overlooking the cathedral windows. It's going to be amazing! Agenda for the evening is the following: 18.00  -  Doors open for guests 18.30  -  Welcome drinks and networking 19.00  -  Opening remarks by Stani Kulechov, CEO of ETHLend 19.10  -  ETHLend Keynote followed by Q&A session 19.30  -  Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of ZenCash 19.50  -  Gregory Van den Bergh, Co-founder of Bankorus 20.10  -  Networking and drinks 21.00  -  Event ends and doors close ETHLend is a live dApp (decentralized application) running on the Ethereum main net. With smart contracts we can create a global and secure p2p lending market. Since mid December we have done over 12000 ETH worth of loans, that is a total value of over 10m$. Please meet our guest speaker Rob Viglione, Co-founder of ZenCash and President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation. ZenCash is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency focused on usability, with a deep focus in research and development. Rob is also a PhD Candidate in Finance, and his research interests span cryptofinance, venture capital, and asset pricing. He also teaches a “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance” course at UofSC and volunteers to help create startup societies with the Seasteading Institute. We are happy to announce our second guest speaker - Gregory Van den Bergh, Co-Founder and CEO of Bankorus. He's the inventor of China's first robo-advisor system, Gregory worked at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management and for MAN-GLG, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Greg graduated from Oxford University, studied at Harvard and has an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Come learn more about blockchain applications, decentralization and tokenization, Smart contracts and how all of this could change the future of FinTech as we know it. We will also be serving beer, wine and snacks for our guests, so make sure to come on time.

  • Join us at Ethereum & Decentralized Apps, ETHLend MeetUp San Francisco.

    Historical Loft with a View of the Bay

    ETHLend is coming to San Francisco!!! Are you interested in Blockchain technology? How about Ethereum and Smart Contracts? How will decentralization disrupt the world? ETHLend is a decentralized p2p lending platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain to secure loans. By using Smart Contracts we can create a global marketplace where everyone has access to fair interest rates. Democratizing global lending markets. ETHLend Roadshow will be coming to San Fransisco and we will be organizing a MeetUp for all the local community members. Everyone who is interested in learning about Blockchain and Ethereum is welcome to join us. We will have a short presentation about Smart Contracts and how they work in a lending environment. We will serve some snacks and beverages for the early birds. Feel free to share this event and bring your friends as well! Check the project here: https://ethlend.io/en/ Our dapp is live here: https://app.ethlend.io/main/all/1 Whitepaper: https://github.com/ETHLend/Documentation/blob/master/ETHLendWhitePaper.md Telegram: https://t.me/ETHLend Come meet us in person and learn more about blockchain!