ETHKL #7: Demystifying DeFi With MakerDAO


DeFi is the talk of crypto town! In ETHKL #7 we'll talk to 3 well-known and well-loved projects involved in this space.

7:30 PM - Networking & Food
8:00 PM - Introduction to ETHKL #7
8:10 PM - Updates from the CoinGecko Yearly Report
8:25 PM - Introduction to MakerDAO
8:45 PM - Panel: Demystifying DeFi
9:30 PM - More Networking & Food!
10:00 PM - End

Jocelyn Chang - APAC Community Lead at MakerDAO.

Jocelyn is the APAC lead for MakerDAO leading the marketing and business development efforts in the APAC region. MakerDAO is one of the oldest blockchain projects in the blockchain space backed by Andreessen Horowitz. It is a decentralized and permissionless lending platform that allows users to borrow its USD pegged stablecoin, called Dai, against their token assets and to achieve price stability in crypto. It allows for interacting with decentralized applications without experiencing the volatility of the overall cryptocurrency market.
Elvis Hee - Product & Strategy at Etherscan

Elvis has been working on Product and Strategy at Etherscan since 2018. In the DeFi space he feels MakerDao is important as it kickstarted the DeFi movement with the SAI token. Etherscan is the leading block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum.
Sze Jin - Product Manager at CoinGecko

Jin spends most of his time exploring new advances in the cryptocurrency space while munching on snacks. He is a big fan of Maker's DAI as he thinks that the decentralized stablecoin really helped to catapult the growth of the DeFi space.