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The Austin Eve Online meetup is a group of Austin, TX area Eve Online pilots who come together for a little fun once a month. Most of the time we meet up and do roams on TQ or Thunderdomes on SiSi, but nothing brings us more joy than talk about Eve and explain things to new players. We have a great foundation of experienced players who are skilled in PvP, PvE, Industry and Markets. We even have a few 3rd party developers among us. We're a very friendly group with backgrounds in High Sec, Low Sec and Null Sec and are always eager to chat with other players especially the new and even just the curious. We hope to see you at the meet and would love to have you. If you have a suggestion for an event or activity we'd love to hear it. We've had parties with developers, a dev video call, dinners, etc. We enjoy doing news things so speak up with your ideas. Join the in-game channel "ATX Meetup" for updates, tips and socializing. Helpful Eve Links: Eve Gate ( - Forums, out of game mail, developer blogs Aura ( (Android app): Skill queue tracker/planner, database, pod casts, news iClone ( (iphone app): Skill queue planner/tracker Eve Mon ( - Out of game skill queue planner/tracker Eve EFT (,d.b2I) - Fitting tool Eve Pyfa (,d.b2I) - Fitting tool EveHQ (,d.b2I) - Fitting tool, Market tool, POS management The ISK Guide (,d.b2I) - Free comprehensive PDF guide for Eve Online (some info is outdated due to patches.) Eve University (,d.b2I) - New player organization offering classes, skill book help, lectures, etc Red vs Blue (,d.b2I) - Perpetual PvP group. New player friendly. Brave Newbies Inc. (,d.b2I) - New player friendly group. Eve Online Pod Pack ( - Collection of Eve Online Pod casts Eve Online Blog Pack ( - Collection of Eve Online Blogs

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2121 West Parmer Lane #119 · Austin, TX

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The EVE Online Mothership Meetup is open to any level of player including the just curious and new players. The curious and new are especially encouraged to come as experienced players will be on hand to help with questions about PvP, ship fits, Industry, ISK making and just general questions. Our members come from all parts of space and are willing to talk for hours on end about spaceships. In game Channel: ATX Meetup Mailing List: ATX Meetup Eve Mail: Arydanika Gmail: arydanika(at)gmail(dot)com Twitter: @arydanika

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