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Been kicked out of Jehovah's Witnesses and in need of friends, something good to fill the huge hole in your life, and ultimately a return of happiness? I hope our venue can be a place for you to get back sweet streams of refreshment for your soul and a happy group of friendly people to join back into the human race with. Born into a Witness family in '62' I was raised in the organization and until 2005 was a total JW - pioneer, elder, etc. Since then, I've found great comfort and help by Swing Dancing and becoming a part of the wonderful dance community. I've started this meet up to let you all know at least 3 things.

1. There truly is hope. Don't be overwhelmed into inactivity, don't end your life, and don't isolate yourself. You will survive and eventually feel better than ever! I lost 43 years of dear friends and all my family in one fell swoop. But, I survived the major depression, crippling insecurities, and feelings of worthlessness. You will too. I am remarried, having met my darling wife Darcy while Swing Dancing, and my life is back to being full and happy. I have friends again (that I can count on not to disown me)! I have fun, I have confidence and am overflowing with good feelings. I've adopted as my family, special best friends I've met while dancing. And though I still miss my mom and brothers and cousins and nephews and in-laws, the terrible pain is gone, and I silently peacefully wish them well.

2. You are not alone. Chat with/message fellow members of our meetup group. Visit the "Ex Jehovah's Witness Recovery" page on Facebook. Pursue hobbies or interests you may have, or look into new ones. Don't be afraid to seek professional help. Develop friendships with workmates. Get involved with meet-up groups. Find some physical activities that you like to do - and do them. Don't sit at home alone. "The World" is NOT totally evil and only full of bad associations, make some friends out there.

3. My wife and I and our friend Ken run a Swing Dance venue in the Inland Empire where we teach a super easy swing dance class from 7:30 to 8:00 and have a social dance from 8:00 to midnight. We would love for this to be a spot to have a regular group of Ex-JW's congregate every Saturday night for mutual encouragement, and to let us share the amazing benefits of Swing Dancing with you. So, all you DF'd and Diss'd and shunned brothers and sisters - please join in the fun at The Blue Swing in lovely San Bernardino!


P.S. I've made the members of this group not publicly available to try and make as everyone comfortable as possible.

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