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Wescott Library - Dakota Room
Just bring yourself. No need for mats, food, drinks. For first timers there will be an overview for 15 minutes and then 30 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Eagan Library

1340 Wescott Road · Eagan, MN

What we're about


“At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot conceptualize it, with this human awareness. We have to be in another state, where we can understand it, know it on our central nervous system.” (The Founder - Her Holiness Shri Mata Ji Nirmala Devi)

Sahajayoga Meditation is a simple, time-honored technique which helps to reduce stress, tensions and nervousness. However, those are some of the very few advantages that one gets through regular practice of SahajaYoga meditation. The meditation is much more than that - its a journey towards our growth, rising above normal human weaknesses like ego, super-ego, greed, lust, anger and jealous. Instead becoming a kind-of super human, where we become people who are full of love and compassion, full of joy and relaxation, at the same time very intelligent, focussed and smart about ourselves. You have to try it to believe it - and its always free !!

Some Helpful Information to get you started.

1) How much does it cost :
You never have to pay for Sahaja Yoga anywhere in the world since Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, when she started this practice, declared there cannot be business about spirituality

2) What resources are available:
Website – :

3) No special attire is required for meditation, also you do not have to bring Mat - we sit on chairs

4) How long do we need to meditate :
It is recommended that everyone spends at least 15 mins per day to achieve desired results of meditation and joins once a week for group meditation.

This is some basic information to get you started, please join us for meditation to experience it and see the positive impact on your life and personality.
People from all age group are welcome to join.

Contact Us : 651-686-0095 email:
Location: Wescott Library - Dakota Room
1340 Wescott Rd, Eagan, MN 55123
Phone: (651) 450-2900

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