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Welcome to Early Retirees ATX - a group for the recently retired, the soon to be retired, or the active already retired. Most of us are were lucky enough to retire from our professions or vocations a little early. That puts us in a little bit of a different situation than other retirement-oriented groups. Although many of us do indeed fall into standard retirement ages, many of us do not, and there can be some huge differences between those in their 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. But that is part of the uniqueness of this group. Rather than essentially being an age-based social group, it is a situation-based social group. We are a group of adults who are financially secure enough to not have to work anymore (for whatever reason) and who have found way too much time on our hands during the transition.

In large part BECAUSE we are a group of early retirees, our schedules (which used to be filled with our occupations or vocations) are now suddenly and confoundingly empty. This is most notable during the week and during the day.

You know. When we used to go to work.

That gives this group a great opportunity to take advantage of all this city has to offer at times when most other people are at work or otherwise taking care of business. Restaurants and watering holes can be empty. Daytrip travel destinations can be uncrowded. Prices can even be cheaper, and early happy hours even better. Hobbies that we used to "not have time for" no longer have any excuse not to happen. And chances are...if you are interested in something...someone else is too.

In other words...we are in the catbird's seat. And we ought to start taking advantage of it.

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