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The Housing Market is at an Inflection Point right now.

On one hand, all we hear about is lack of Housing Inventory, an increased amount of Buyer competition and bidding wars which has resulted in double digit property appreciation across the board.

The FED has contributed to this issue by fueling the Housing Market with extremely low interest rates. They are setting us up for failure.

Mainstream Media’s narrative revolves around continually telling us that the Housing Market is healthy and that we have nothing to worry about, yet Home Buyer sentiment is also at record lows, with many people stating that purchasing a home is the single most stressful thing they will do in their life.

How can anyone navigate this crazy Housing Market?

Well, there is a glimmer of hope.

The Foreclosure Moratorium is officially over.

The CDC Moratorium for Rental / Tenant Evictions is expiring and is also being legally challenged in many States across the Country.

Even the Government mandated Forbearance programs have finally run their course and close to 2 Million homeowners will now have to face some tough decisions regarding what to do with their home.

We are in another Housing Bubble. There is no denying it at this point. Many Economists, Housing Analysts and highly experienced Real Estate Investors are in agreement. We refer to it as Housing Bubble 2.0.

But the real question is whether we will see another Housing Crash?

You should join our group and attend our meetings and events to find out what is really going to happen in the near future. Knowledge is power and it will allow you to participate in this unique Housing Market.

Our meetings are facilitated by local real estate investors that are dedicated to help and guide individuals that are interested in learning and earning.

Topics we discuss and teach:

• Fix & Flip

• Cash Flow - Rentals

• Wholesaling

• Distressed Properties

• Short Sales & Foreclosures

• And Other Non-Real Estate Income Opportunities

Beginners, experienced investors, sales professionals and Real Estate Agents are all welcome!

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Tax Deed Foreclosures: Tips/Techniques with Local Real Estate Attorney “Tom A."

Tax Deed Foreclosures: Tips & Techniques To Outsmart Other Investors with Special Guest Local Real Estate Attorney “Tom”

I have an unfair advantage ……

He is my Ace in the Hole ……

A Deal Mercenary ……

And I am entirely grateful to have met him and that I have the ability to throw any Real Estate Investment scenario at him and receive back the best strategy and advice in order to take down virtually any deal.

You see, I have worked with Attorney “Tom” For over a decade now. He has guided my Real Estate business and negotiated and processed a good chunk of my Short Sales. In fact, his firm has assisted over 5500 homeowners avoid Foreclosure over the years with his strategy and system.

However I didn’t realize that Attorney Tom also has some great angles and experience with Tax Deed Foreclosures.

After speaking with him about Tax Deeds, I realized that I did not know as much as I thought I did. There is much more to this niche than meets the eye.

Why does he know so much about this ? Attorney Tom is an active Investor himself and has spent the past 20 years developing his own “system” to maximize the opportunity.

In all jurisdictions, real property tax liens have priority over other recorded liens. This means that they are paid first in any transaction. If they are not paid by the homeowner on time it can go down another path that will eventually lead to a Tax Deed Foreclosure. This is where the fun begins as there are so many angles to stop the Foreclosure, help homeowners and earn some nice income for ourselves.

Join us this Monday as we will take a deep dive into the intricacies of Tax Deed Foreclosures and how to outsmart other Investors along the way.

This is for motivated & teachable individuals who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

This is a very limited seating event. We only have 25 spots available and you would be well served to RSVP as soon as you can so we can get you on the list.

To recap the broad topics we have discussed over the past few weeks: We have touched on everything from various Real Estate Investment concepts and acquisition strategies, including the Housing Bubble, to Cannabis operations, the Cryptocurrency market, utilizing E-Commerce platforms such as E-Bay, Amazon & Facebook as well as other E-Comm methods to earn income, Private Money Financing and even a Car Rental Cash Flow opportunity.

All of these discussions were with the experts in these fields who utilized their Real Estate success as jumping off point in order to diversify and whose insight will lead you to increased income and accelerated wealth building.

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