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The Vicious Circle Principle

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The Vicious Circle Principle

Join us for a scintillating conversation about a book that explains with courageous truth how our species developed in relationship to the environment from rock-carving hunter-gatherers to rocket-launching denizens of the industrial world. And learn what homo sapiens have in common, from their earliest beginnings to the present, in being locked into a cycle of surplus development, overpopulation, technology development, environmental degradation, resource depletion, scarcity, and therefore pressure to develop new technology, which invariably leads to more surplus, overpopulation, and so on, a cycle that the author of this book calls "the vicious circle," and his theory "the vicious circle principle." The book is"Too Smart for Our Own Good, The Ecological Predicament of Humankind,"by Craig Dilworth. If you haven't read it yet but are interested in the origins and fate of our species at the end of the fossil fuel age, then this is an opportunity for you to be introduced to this paradigm-shattering book that explores the human patterns that have caused desecration of the environment from the extinction of large mammals by hunter-gatherers to today's global warming. Ken Peterson will be our guide through the mind-bending ideas Craig Dilworth has proposed in his ground-breaking book.

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