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You must be local in the Bay Area and you must have children to join us!

We are a homeschooling East Bay family practicing Earth-Based paganism and spiritual energy work. One teen is intuitive. Two teens are empaths. Two younger kids are still learning about the Sabbats. Dad practices energy work among other beliefs such as aliens. Mom was a Wiccan and entering back into Paganism after stepping back for many years. She is also an empath. We practice Clarity and Lucidity daily (Sober and Clean)-meaning we do not consume substances such as alcohol, smoke or other types of mind-altering or addictive drugs on. We do take vitamins and minerals, some Chinese herbs and homeopathy. Dad does drink coffee. Mom and kids do not like to mix spirituality with politics. Dad does. We seek others who share similar views and would like to be involved in events such as Pagan and mystical book clubs, Pagan and mystical workshops such as sacred spaces, teen hang out, family altars, ritual hikes, divination, intentions along with self-healing workshops such as Reiki and medication that are family-based. We are a mix raced blended family with different beliefs and views. We welcome those who do not have children but please be aware most of our events are children/family-focused and we are located in the East Bay Area of San Leandro. This group may not be realistic if you do not live close to us. So if you are in San Leandro, Castro Valley, Oakland, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Berkeley...this group would fit your needs. Anyone who lives further out may not enjoy the traffic getting to our events. Be gentle to the earth and stay local. Does this sound like a community for you?

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