Reiki 2 Certification Class with FREE BONUSES! Herbs, Pets and Yoga!


Join us in this beautiful sanctuary of yoga and peace to take this Reiki 2 Certification Class.

This is a Reiki Level 2 Certification Class plus Much More. I have incorporated herbs, flower essences and yoga to show you how to use these to enhance your Reiki Healing. This will be a wonderful step in your reiki training. Level 2 is the next step after completing your Level 1 training. Reiki Level 1 completion is a prerequisite for this class.


Deposit is $50.00 - Deposits must be paid to hold a spot in this class.

Send only $50 deposit by Venmo to[masked]. The remaining amount is to be paid at time of class. When sending deposits please include your email and phone number so we are able to send instructions as the class date approaches.

The Second degree training expands your Reiki practice, enabling you to:

~ Offer Reiki treatment to friends and family who are physically out of reach by sending long distance reiki
~ Enhance your hands-on Reiki practice. You can send Reiki to anywhere in the world
~ Practice Reiki for specific challenges in your life, and
~ Practice Reiki to deepen your self-inquiry.

During your Second degree training, you’ll receive two more Attunements (which makes your reiki healing even stronger) and learn to practice Reiki in your mind.

You can choose from various sacred waters for your attunements.

This class helps you help your self and others when emotional issues may arise.

Second degree training expands but does not replace your hands-on practice. Daily hands-on self-treatment continues to be your foundation practice even after learning Second degree. Second degree training gives you options to add to your daily hands-on practice as you choose.

After second degree Reiki training, you will have the ability to channel Reiki energy even more deeply. TWO sacred attunement are performed by the Reiki Master to activate three sacred symbols. With these symbols you will be able to increase the power of the Reiki flow, assist with emotional clearing, and facilitate distance healing. Distance healing allows Reiki to be sent to people in other locations, and is remarkably helpful with healing past traumas. Healing at this level moves beyond the physical plane and opens the student to healing on all dimensions. The effects experienced after the second degree training reach beyond formal practice and start to influence everyday life. As the student opens, Love is experienced more readily on all levels.


1. Classroom instruction and practice time
2. Homework assignments
3. TWO Second degree Reiki attunements
4. Comprehensive class manual
5. Reiki lineage sheet tracing back to Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki
6. Introduction to the three second degree symbols
7. Second degree Reiki certificate
8. Ongoing email support on your journey into Reiki healing
9. Free attendance to audit any Reiki second level classes I hold
10. Herbal suggestions for uses with clients and Flower essence
11. Learn how to send reiki into the past and into the future
12. Three sacred symbols one is the Psychological Symbol, One is the power symbol (increases your strength) one is the absentee symbol (send reiki to clients or loved ones across a ocean)
13. Learn all about affirmations, how to form them when to use them how to help others with using them

Please bring a pen and an open heart. A comprehensive manual will be provided.

Please bring your own lunch.

It is my honor and privilege to bring this wonderful class to you. Whenever you take a class thru me you can than audit the same class for free for life.

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