What we're about

You may be concerned about climate upheaval & want to join others in a supportive, non-judgmental group that is about creating a more sustainable culture. You may be an Activist who’s been working on climate justice for decades, but long for more community with like-minded folks. Or you may be someone who has just started to become aware of the need for shifts in our hectic, consumer-driven lives & want some direction about how best to spend our time and energy – but in bite-sized, manageable bits.

Or maybe you love Nature, but don’t seem to get out there enough. Or you want to bring your practices or your eating or your habits more in line with your values. Join the Earth Love & Sustainability Group, where we’re all about “Weaving Earth into the Fibers of our Lives.”

We recognize that climate crisis takes its greatest toll on those who benefit the least from our extractive mentality. We lift up the most vulnerable, as we work for justice. We know that Earth is alive and that we must bring our awareness of this 6th mass extinction into all our decisions & actions. We witness that we all thrive when we place Earth Care front-and-center.

Maybe you’ve noticed that people’s egos sometimes get strengthened, rather than softened in environmental endeavors. Maybe you want a group with intentionality about being supportive rather than judgmental; maybe you’ve been wanting an “Eco-buddy” to join you at protests, at lobbying events or on walks in Nature.

The Earth Love & Sustainability Group supports us as we bring our love of Nature to inform our daily lives so that we create communities that nurture Earth & all her creatures. Because a healthy, vibrant Earth is made up of healthy, vibrant communities & healthy, happy people.

Recognizing the need to heal ourselves as we heal Planet Earth, we focus on practices which bring health, vitality & balance to our bodies & minds. Forest bathing, eco-therapy, Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki, massage, & many other natural healing practices are woven into the events we offer. They sustain us as we do the hard work of transformation.

We’re about bringing intentionality to our lives, slowing down & experiencing our deep spiritual connection with Earth & All her Creatures. Whether we identify as Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, Jang, Agnostic, Humanistic, Wiccan, Pagan, or any number of spiritual practices, we know that our love of Earth is the driving force that will bring us to do what it takes to bring health, vitality & biodiversity back to our Planet.

And we know that as people privileged to live in the global North, we have an obligation to do all we can to live lightly & to focus on mitigation (reducing greenhouse gases & enhancing carbon “sinks”) & adaptation (adjusting to the changes). We raise our awareness of climate refugees in our midst, & work to alleviate the distress of peoples & creatures displaced by climate upheaval.

For the love of Planet Earth

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