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There are so many people throughout the world today
experiencing a sense of heightened awareness which is palpable. Our global
consciousness is rising, becoming more aware of itself and pulling those who
are open into a higher state of being. The union between our physical/material
being and our spiritual/conscious being is becoming more intimate.

The Earth Sky Hikers have come into existence to help
facilitate this ever-present transition. We want to bring all open-minded
spiritual beings together in an effort to grow and evolve as ONE. As our name
suggests we will take part in nature-induced activities such as hiking, qi gong, meditation, drum journey - all essential components of our group’s purpose in reconnecting
to Mother Earth. In conjunction with the physical we will move toward the union
of our beings by engaging in spiritual activities such as meditation, yoga,
qi-gong, reike, hand drumming, free-form movement, whole foods nutrition, etc. –
all primary aspects of the boundless Sky or Space within and without.

Recently, we merged with the Group of Forty, a global
spiritual meditation group whose purpose is to help heal Mother Earth while
helping us ascend to the 5th Dimension. The Group of Forty, led by
David Miller, is focused on creating personal and planetary healing for the
Earth and its inhabitants to insure the longevity of our beautiful planet. This
includes seeking ways to sustain the biosphere and raising the overall
consciousness of humanity towards fifth dimensional healing. David holds
monthly Q&A sessions in which he channels one of the Arcturian spiritual
leaders. In addition, they have a monthly newsletter, hold weekly biorelativity
meditations, and an annual conference. Their mission and ours are united in
purpose so this is a natural merging of two groups.

Our approach to every meet up activity will be focused
through the lens of spiritual growth. Through the physical body – our most
sacred temple – we will connect and engage our true spiritual nature. We also
wish to achieve a greater sense of community through this group. Please feel
free to share and discuss any ideas/events you may have to grow and enhance the
quality of the Earth Sky Hikers. We look forward to growing together!

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