What we're about

Remotely sensed imagery meets big data analytics in the cloud and the world was never the same.

Earth Analytics Meetup gathers folks - far and wide - from unstructured data lovers, remote sensing image processing, analytics, geomatics, geospatial, software engineering and development, mobile, web-apps, cloud tech, APIs, machine learning, neural networks, algorithm development....

We get the whole gang together in one room, once every two months, to chat, learn, and think about why we are in such an exciting time for solving the Earth's problems using advancements in digital data distribution, algorithms, APIs, mobile, and other mind-blowing tools and techniques.

Earth Analytics is about using remotely sensed data and imagery from the IoT sensors and dozens, and soon hundreds, of UAVs and satellites flying above our heads every minute of every day to start addressing climate, agriculture, geopolitical, natural resource, and n number of other complex problems we face here on our planet today.

We've come a long way since strapping a camera to a pigeon during WW2. Join Us!

Care to share your big data analytics, little Earth app, tool, or wisdom - do tell. Check back often for updates.

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