What we're about

We believe in Impact Entrepreneurship. Join us, and make a difference...
It´s worth it.

The World we live in...

Wars, famines, diseases, environmental degradation, immense income imparity, economic crisis, violence, oppression, greed, hatred, fear...

Hmm....looks like the human species and their way to live on this planet still has plenty of room for improvement. A bit of change would obviously do us good – less suffering, destruction and stress and more fun and pleasure, but also more equal opportunities for everyone, clean water, sufficient food to eat, health and a worthwhile education for the young. More of these happy, healthy and creative people plus a green, harmonious surrounding. Sounds excellent! And, looking at it more closely, reconsidering our ways of doing things would not only be one of these “nice to have” features, but actually is viable for this species to survive.

The Potential we live in...

And actually (even though only theoretically as of now), we have the power to create “paradise on earth”, for all of us. Nope. Don´t laugh or become cynical. It is possible.

• We have enough resources, financial means, technology and expertise to comfortably live on this planet - including every one of us.

• We have enough creativity and brain capacity to come up with solutions to conserve and live with nature - no matter how many we are.

• We have enough passion, love, beauty, intelligence and energy to create paradise on earth in small and big ways, it´s already done every day.

• We have the same home planet, deal with the joy and limits of a human body and we all know the longing for love, peace and happiness - we have much in common.

• We have amazing capacities to create, in constructive or destructive ways, and we do it every day - in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Today´s hope: Impact Entrepreneurs

We can´t wait for "things to get better", – and we don´t have to.

All we need is there, within us. All we need is there, in the hearts, minds and capabilities of you: the impact entrepreneurs - those people that make a difference, that do not take things as they are but dream as things could be, that see what is needed and invent and push and pull as long as they are good. And while doing so, why not become wealthy, successful, and be happy about having made a difference?

Impact Entrepreneurship is the "method", the "tool" and the "action" to get things "fixed" on our planet. Impact Entrepreneurs are those who see what is lacking and work to provide a solution to it. Entrepreneurship also is a personal journey to become your best and create possibilities to thrive for others. Impact Entrepreneurship is today´s hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Contribution

We run this organization to encourage every one of you to look at Impact Entrepreneurship as a way to meaningfully spend your time, energy and talent, as a tool to make a difference for your community, while creating also a sustainable and financially stable future for yourself.

Our Mission is therefore to support networking among impact entrepreneurs worldwide to ensure good ideas, concepts, products and services will spread quickly, to support the journey of you as an impact entrepreneur by informing you about newest trends, challenges to tackle, coaching, consulting and training support offerings and by giving you a platform to continuously learn and to share what you are doing with others.

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