Befriend a Living Place - A Nature Walk

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I have to encourage you overtly to befriend a living place. The whole history of it. And sit at its knee and ask the questions. You want a teacher that is billions of years old and comprised of endless relationships and lives. If you really want to learn, befriend a living place. Then learn its languages. Ask the questions. And listen. - A Dear Friend

This event is a guided journey. We will bring you through a series of natural features including streams, hills, evergreen and hardwood woodlands, vernal pools, as well as a prairie with a tree right in the center. During our rests for beauty the group shall make an effort to relate to the environment. Notice the small things. Like how the aroma brings news before the eye. Then render the eye uninterrupted by taking a cue from natures green page and try to read the great stick language. Stare at the rivers silver bubble strings. Drink in the sunlight. Maybe a bird chirp resounds that belongs to spring dawns. Or simply breathe... This is not a test. Nature is an experience best shared.

Your nature guide has been practicing the art of Shinrin-yoku or "Forest Bathing " for well over ten years. This event is a 5 mile nature walk, with brief "bathing" moments in the thought gardens where the beauty resides. The walk is moderate in difficulty. Bring a water and something healthy to eat.

Please note that we are convening at The Heritage Park Trailhead and will be walking to Steere Hill. Our event includes both.

The Earthen Fellowship is a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy our free time together in the beauty of the open air. Our events are not a contest. We are simply a group of nature lovers looking to have an enjoyable adventure with our friends. Please feel free to join us as we welcome you with open arms.