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Earthship Tour, Intentional Community Living Exploration and Potluck Feast

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Saturday, March 29, 11:30am- SEE YOU ALL IN LANARK TODAY!

UPDATE: Thursday, March 27, 4:30pm-

I have already gotten 5 inquiries today regarding 1.) not having received the address and directions to Lanark which I sent out yesterday, and 2.) problems people are having using facebook.

To answer these questions:

1.) If you check the email account you gave when you signed up for Meetup, that is the one linked to anything you do here with our group, and that is where the email with the directions went to. Some people give a separate email address than one they use daily when they sign up. Please check back to the account you signed up with that is linked to Meetup and you'll probably see the email is there. If you still do not see it, not to worry. I will resend the email tonight to everyone again. BUT BEFORE I DO THIS: Everyone that was on the RSVP list last night at 10pm got the email unless you opted out of receiving messages from the group. I suggest all new members check their settings to make sure you have this communications feature enabled. To do this, please follow these steps:

-Click on your account photo in the circle at the top right of the page.

-Click on 'Settings', which is the second option in the drop down menu.

-Click on 'Email and notifications', first on the left hand side bar.

-Find the Earthship Ottawa group (and/or any other group that you may want to adjust settings for) and click on the 'Email and notification settings' link to the right of the group name.

-Now scroll down to 'Organizer Broadcasts' and make sure that you have enabled the 'Announcements from Organizers(s) and Event Hosts about a specific Meetup' by clicking on the box beside it.

-You will now receive my email with address/directions which I will resend tonight at 9pm, as well as any further updates and other messages sent by myself or other event hosts for all future events.

* * *

2.)There is no Earthship Ottawa facebook page. This is the website that Earthship Ottawa uses exclusively. Please always consult this site for any information you may need regarding any particular events, including checking back in to see if there are changes to dates/times and locations of events, which happens sometimes. It is the only way to be 100% sure of what's going on with anything we are up to at any given time.


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 26, 11:45am-

1.) I'm suggesting that we have our community living conversation on Sunday, once the flurry of Saturday's visits, potluck dinner and other conversations have run their course.

All those that are strongly interested but cannot stay overnight; please make sure to let myself or Hilary know, and we can plan a date to get together and talk about this on yet another occasion-this type of endeavour will take much more than just one or two meetings to make happen; relationships have to be built in order for something to grow... so no worries if you can't stay this weekend.

For those that will be staying and want to be a part of this conversation- please take a few minutes to do a brainstorm, and write down any and all thoughts that come to your mind regarding living in community, and in particular, focusing on what the particular opportunities and the blockages to doing so are for you personally.

2.) For anyone staying overnight: please bring your sleeping mat/sleeping bag/pillow/blanket or whatever you may have to make yourself comfortable. Also, if you will be staying overnight, bring a little something to either contribute to breakfast, or to snack on the next day as well. There is an option of a pancake breakfast at a nearby community center for $6 or $8 if we want to go as a group.

3.) Once again; directions will be sent out on Wednesday evening to all who have RSVPd.


An invitation to an Earthship tour, exploration of the possible creation of an intentional community and a potluck feast in the Lanark Highlands.

For tire pounders, a chance to reconnect and chart spring/summer projects. For the curious, a chance to visit an Earthship in the winter with a warm fire.

We will hold a casual meeting to talk about the possibility of merging powers into a sustainable community. So for those interested in living together in this way, we invite you to come out and share your thoughts and ideas.

Opportunity to sleep 8 - 10 people, but privacy is limited. Outdoor activities include cross country skiing and snowshoe at the door, or easy walks in the forest, depending on the weather.

Bring your potluck food offering, music and instruments!

Three rounds of house tours, one per hour starting at 2:30, 3:30 then 4:30. Food for snacking plus more at 5:00. Food offering cold cuts, cheeses, sandwiches. Bonfire outside at sundown.

~ The address and directions to Hilary's place will be sent out to all attendees a few days before the event.