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"New Thought for the New Paradigm” Discussion Group, w/Moira Bartolotta

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New Energy, New Paradigm, New Consciousness: What does all that really mean, anyway…?

Thought is vibration, and a thought holds a certain vibrational frequency. Thoughts rooted in fear, lack, and separation hold a different vibration than those of love, connection, and joyful exuberance. A thought repeated becomes a belief. The frequency of the belief is what determines how one perceives various aspects of their reality. As well how open one is in their willingness to take in new ideas that reach beyond contemporary thought; to shift from one paradigm of thought into another. To “raise your vibration,” one only need be open to taking in new ideas about their world, and their personal sense of reality.

This is the evolution of consciousness.

New thought is all around us. It is in the lyrics of songs and the metaphors of our films and television programs. It is in the gradual disintegration of our economic, financial, governmental, and educational systems, which must occur before we can rebuild within a new paradigm of thought. It is in our call to find a new way to interact with our planet. It is all over the internet, in science journals, and tech labs. And most significantly, it is in our hearts, whispering to our minds, “Is that really all there is to this life…?”

If you are interested in pushing new thought, in going beyond what has already been written, and even daring to challenge commonly accepted “New Age” belief structures, please join me in kicking off my “Personal Reality Philosophy & Discourse” series of open and thought-provoking conversations from any and all spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical and philosophical viewpoints, regarding our experiences in this “shift of consciousness” on Earth. As all perceptions are unique and valid, ALL VIEWPOINTS ARE WELCOME. Come with an open mind, a patient ear, willingness to be challenged, and desire for new thought.