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The Building Blocks of Mediumship with Rev Dawn Lynn

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The Building Blocks of Mediumship with Rev Dawn Lynn

Class dates are April 3, 10, 17, 25, and May 1, 8. Six classes for $100 or $20 Each.

Many individuals start studying mediumship because they already are or want to receive messages from Spirit. They want to hear. They want to see. They want to feel. Receiving messages is exhilarating, the adrenaline flows, and it brings on a feeling of faith and hope.

Learning to communicate with spirit, however, is a process and every individual needs to learn the basics. Skipping over the basics (grounding, protecting, centering and allowing), you leave yourself vulnerable to any Spirit and all psychic energies. This can be mentally, spiritually and in rare instances physically dangerous. That is why it is important to learn the basics of mediumship.

Reverend Dawn Lynn a fourth generation intuitive who has assisted hundreds of individuals on their path to personal awareness and mediumship, will be offering The Building Blocks of Mediumship. It is requested that you attend all sessions during which the following will be covered:

· Grounding

Grounding is the ability to maintain or reach a rooted, balanced connection to the physical self. This is important as it facilitates the translation of the spiritual to the physical plane

· Shielding

Shielding is a form of psychic protection that creates a defense against negative and/or unwanted energies. Negative and/or unwanted energies could include random or low level spirits; emotions such as anger or jealousy; and other energies that are not for the highest and the best.

· Creating Sacred Space

Creating your own sacred space is both a form of protection and centering. This is important as it creates the place where you feel safe and can begin receiving messages.

· Centering

Centering is the most difficult basic to describe as it is that balance between being grounded and being connected to spirit and is the ability to hold your personal power, without the ego stepping in.

· Setting Up Boundaries by Working with your Spirit Guides

You have control with what messages you receive and when they come. By working with your Spirit Guides/Angels, you set your boundaries.

· Allowing the Message

This is the fun part…. Getting the message! The hard part is distinguishing what is from Spirit and what you want to hear/see.