What we're about

Our vision is to create a community of financially supported and viable individuals and families in the Bay Area. There is so much hype out there that we wish to give you only what makes a difference to you and/or your family.

As an educator and a champion for families, I have seen too many families stressing out or struggling with finances, even if they are making lots of income. The high cost of living in the bay area and the stress of working has taken a toll on many of my friends and close associates in the past. As a resident and as a woman, I care deeply to turn this around and make the lives of my neighbors and community members peaceful, stress free and joyful – realistically with education and support.
We are a community of people and families who are interested in learning about financial education and sharing that information in a way that furthers the community as a whole. I do not pretend to know everything, but I will be bringing you teachers who know more than I do – to help you grow and become clear and educated.

We provide education and moral support to individuals and families who wish to learn the following:

a. EDUCATION - INVESTING FOR EVERYONE: How to cut through the immense amount of financial education and find the things that you need to know – so you can save time and start improving your financials if not create financial and wealth increase.

b. EDUCATION -INVESTING FOR SMART PEOPLE: What are the current leading edge strategies and tactics that you can use to get past your financial plateau?

c. BUDGETING: How to budget properly so that there is more left over at the end of the month and year for savings, vacations and longer term growth.

d. SAFE & SOLID RETIREMENT: How to invest wisely so your income, cash flow and savings can grow into a nest egg and provide for your family, yourself and your communities.

Kinds of events we primarily have:
a. Training and Educational Events – learning and getting support from the community.
b. Networking and social events to get you connected with more opportunities that make sense.

Prativa Das, Community Financial Organizer, Teacher and Guide.

For years, Ms. Das has led workshops, training and support for her community – teaching individual adults, wives, mothers and families in the science and art of financial well-being, passive income tools, cash flow management and more salient and important facets of generating people and families that are financially secure and successful – success being individually designed and defined.

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