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Whitewater Rafting & Camping!

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Let's do whitewater rafting & camping on the river! I saw this activity in another meetup, so I asked the organizer whether our members could get the same deal. He said yes!! So let's do it!!! I have been looking for a whitewater rafting trip for a long time!! Following are details of this trip:

We can do an afternoon of Whitewater Rafting on the South Fork American River, followed by a Potluck BBQ-type Dinner and Campfires and sleeping next to the river.

Wake up for breakfast, then people can either split to go home, or we can arrange a short hike to an incredible local destination, University Falls.

Pricing for Members/Friends of Members, would be only $70/person and would include the following:

Whitewater Raft Trip on the South Fork American Lower Gorge Run (includes all necessary equipment and in-trip Transpo)

Camping Saturday Night on Private Riverside Campground with Full Showers and Bathrooms.

Breakfast Sunday morning (So we don't have to worry about relying on someone totally hungover to make it for us)

Check-In Time would be 1:00pm on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.

Previous experience not required, Swimming Ability Not required.

Reservations have to be done by end of day Wednesday, September 26th, 2012. NO late additions after that can be allowed. So please let me know whether you want to go by Sep 23th,12, so I can make a reservation before the deadline.

NO Refunds after Wednesday, September 26th, 2012.

For members that want to Camp, Breakfast, we will only charge $20/person, but we still need to have a Reservation placed, as to be able to plan for Meals and space availability in the Campground.

A few tents are available for rent, but recommended that you source your own camping equipment. Parking lot is located alongside the camping areas and the entire camping area is located along the river.

This is the company's website: or

BTW, I think we can have a carpool to this place, so we can save money. =]The weather at that place is still 90+ degree recently.

**UPDATE** Since I will not be available on 9/29/12, I decided to go whiterafting on this Saturday which is 9/22/12. So reservations have to be in by Thursday, September 20th. You can come to join us if you decide to play on 9/22/12. If not, the other meetup group will be going on September 29th, so you can join their group as well. So totally you have 2 choices, 9/22/12 or 9/29/12.

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