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We are canceling our meetup group as there has not been much movement here. If you are interested in attending our rituals please see our website at www.DaughtersoftheGoddess.com, email Kahuna Leilani at Leilani@daughtersofthegoddess.com, or call at 925-787-9247

Kuku makemake e hel mai, hele no me ka malo'elo'e. If the wish to come arises, walk firmly. If you wish to come do not be hesitant, for you are welcome.
~Hawaiian Proverb~

Daughters of the Goddess is a Dianic, Womyn only Goddess temple dedicated to the Spirit of Aloha and to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of Goddess culture, public ceremony, ritual and Womyn's mysteries. Ordained Dianic High Priestess and ceremonialist, Temple ritual director Kahuna Leilani brings ancient Hawaiian healing and Goddess wisdom to the community. The Temple holds monthly open rituals and annual celebrations for womyn and girls in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We honor Goddess as She comes to us through the filters of our many different cultures and traditions. From Laka to Artemis, Baba Yaga to Bast, Lakshmi to Yemaya, we celebrate the wisdom of all Goddesses and Ancestors. Some of us are just now discovering Her, others have been practicing deep magick in Her name for more than 30 years. But even those who have danced with Goddess for decades will find plenty to feed their hearts and minds.

All womyn and girls are encouraged to participate in the facilitation and development of the Temple if they feel called. Our behind the scenes group, Kokua (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/kokua.html) , is for those womyn and girls who are dedicated to deepening and manifesting the mission of Daughters of the Goddess.

Our Temple's Priestess training program is open to those interested in deepening their dedication to the path and mission of the Daughters of The Goddess.

Visit our Open Circles (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/circles.html), Deepening (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/deepening.html), and Event (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/events.html) pages to find a current schedule of rituals and celebrations. If you have any questions or want more information please feel free to contact us (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/contact.html).

We also publish a newsletter and invite you to read the current edition (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/Newsletters/Spring2015_news.pdf) as well as previous (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/newsletter.html) ones. For more information on the behind the scenes work please see our Aloha Moon News (http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com/aloha_moon_news.html).

Blessed Be! http://www.daughtersofthegoddess.com

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